French is ranked the 2nd most influential language in the World. Around 175 Million people around the world understand, read, write and speak French Language. It is the official language of 41 countries.

This course is for people who wish to develop basic understanding of French language. It includes basics of reading, writing, listening and speaking (Vocabulary, pronunciations, sentence framing and basic grammar). It also prepares you for the DELF (Diplômed’ études en langue français) certification that is administered by the Ministry of Education, France.

Why Learn French Language.?

French is a Business Language

The French economy is one of the strongest in the world and is emerging as leader in technological innovation.

Scholarships and Preferences in Worldwide Universities

Most graduate schools requires knowledge of atleast one Foreign Language and French is the most commonly used language after English.

Improve your skills

Learning French language develops your critical and creative thinking skills, because progress is very easy to measure, you can quickly take pride in your new ability.

Language Enhancement

French language has contributed to the development of english, so learning French will take you where words and even grammartically structures are from, and argument your vocabulary to boot.

Course Structure

Beginners’ Level – 30Hrs

Course Contents:
Grammar, vocabulary, and various speech acts. Writing small texts like self-introduction, about one’s family and friends, description of places and objects etc. The course material will include some topics related to French culture and society.

Intermediate Level – 30Hrs

Course Contents:
Grammar, vocabulary, and various speech acts in relation to french society i.e. how to conduct oneself in french society in different situations. Writing small instruction brochures, hoardings, advertisements, resumes, and compositions.

Intermediate Level – 30Hrs

Course Contents:
– Introduce Yourself
– Talk about your work, family, routine
– Express like and dislike
– Understand Directions
– Book Accommodation(Hotel, Flat and House)
– Read and Write short text to book accommodation
– Buy tickets and understand information related to travel
– Buy food and clothes
– Order food in a restaurant
Topics: Speaking about oneself and others, preferences, family, leisure, and routine, organizing a trip (accommodation, transportation etc.), understanding directions, buying food and clothes, using numbers and time.

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